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VAQ-35, nicknamed the Greywolves, was a short-lived Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron of the U.S. Navy. The squadron was officially established by the CNO on 14 August 1991, but had actually been operating since June. Most of its equipment and personnel came from the VAQ-142 Grim Watchdogs, a fleet EA-6B Prowler squadron which had stood down on 1 April. VAQ-35 joined VAQ-33 and VAQ-34, the other electronic aggressor squadrons of the Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group in their mission of providing training for fleet radar operators in countering radar jamming and deception. The squadron also assisted with electronic warfare evaluations for R&D, and in developing electronic warfare tactics and countertactics. When the Navy made a budgetary decision to transfer the electronic aggressor mission to the Navy Reserve, VAQ-35 was destined to have a short life. On 7 October 1993, the squadron was disestablished at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. In their two years of operation, the Greywolves made over 42 deployments to over 16 locations, including Bermuda, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Maryland Route 35

Maryland Route 35 is a state highway in the U.S. state of Maryland. Known as Ellerslie Road, the state highway runs 2.37 miles from MD 36 in Corriganville north to the Pennsylvania state line in Ellerslie, where the highway continues north as Pennsylvania Route 96. MD 35 was constructed in the late 1910s and was one of the original signed state highways in 1927. The state highway runs through the valley of Wills Creek, an important passage for the railroads beginning in the mid 19th century.

Utah State Route 35

From its western terminus in Francis, the highway runs southeast to the junction of Soapstone Basin Road, where it turns south. Afterwards it heads in an easterly direction to Hanna, where it turns southeast and then east to the eastern terminus near Duchesne. Located less than an hour from Downtown Salt Lake City, this route is a favorite day ride for many Wasatch Front locals.

Business routes of Interstate 35

Business Loop 35 in Sanger is inventoried by TxDOT as Business Interstate Highway No. 35-X. The route is a former alignment of US 77 through Sanger, and is accessible from both directions of I-35 at exit #477. The route travels north along 5th Street and crosses FM 455 before ending at the northbound I-35 frontage road near mile marker 479. From November 18, 1960 to December 19, 1991, this route was designated Spur 138. Since March 26, 2009, that route number has been used for an unrelated route in Hunt County.

Massachusetts Route 35

Route 35 is a 5.8-mile-long state highway in the U.S. State of Massachusetts running through the towns of Danvers and Peabody in northeastern Massachusetts. Its southern terminus is at Route 114 in Peabody and its northern terminus is at Route 97 in Topsfield.

Alberta Highway 35

Alberta Provincial Highway No. 35, commonly referred to as Highway 35, is a north–south highway in northwest Alberta, Canada that forms a portion of the Mackenzie Highway. Highway 35 is about 464 kilometres long. From the south, Highway 35 begins at its intersection with Highway 2, approximately 5 km 3 mi north of the Town of Grimshaw and 19 km 12 mi west of the Town of Peace River, and ends at Albertas boundary with the Northwest Territories. It continues on as Northwest Territories Highway 1. It is one of only two highway-grade roads connecting the NWT with a province the other being the Liard Highway. Highway 35 passes through the towns of Manning and High Level.

Kawartha Lakes Road 35

Kawartha Lakes Road 35, also known as Victoria Road and Fennel Road, is a municipally-maintained road located in the city of Kawartha Lakes, in the Canadian province of Ontario. The road is mostly straight, running in a north–south orientation throughout its length. It began at the hamlet of Glenarm and travels 30.5 kilometres to Uphill. The road was constructed in the 1850s as the Victoria Colonization Road in an effort to settle the southern fringe of the Canadian Shield. The northern half was designated as Secondary Highway 505 until 1998, when it became part of Kawartha Lakes Road 35.

Kinarri 35

This was Arris first camera, constructed by August Arnold. The Kinarri 35 was a hand cranked 35mm camera, in a round aluminum camera body, which was inspired by the Akeley camera introduced in 1919. The crank was on the right side and the framerate was obviously completely manually adjusted, by how quick the cinematographer turned the crank. On the left side there was a foldout direct optical viewfinder with a crosshair. The left side could be removed to load the film into the camera. The internal magazine took 100 ft 30meters daylight spools. The Kinarri 35 had a fixed Arrinar lens f2.7/40 mm. The body was made out of aluminum. The overall design was later used for the Kinarri 16, which was released in 1928. The name is a portmanteau of the German word for "cinema" "kino" and the manufacturers name, "Arri".

Dodge 30-35

The Dodge 30-35 is an automobile that was the first car produced by Dodge in Detroit, introduced on November 14, 1914. The car had an L-head inline-four engine of 212-cubic-inch 3.5 L displacement, which had a power output of 35 hp 25.7 kW. The rear wheels were driven by a leather cone clutch and a three-speed gearbox with middle gear. The rear wheels were braked mechanically. In the short model year of 1914 the only body offered was a four-door tourer whose driver" door” could not be opened; from January 1915, a two-door two-seat roadster was also available. From this point on, electric lighting was also standard equipment. When the series was replaced in July 1916 by the Model 30, a total of 116.400 copies were made, of which 150 were also made by the United States Army and others.

Class 35

Class 35 may refer to: Class 35.0: BBO 110 Class 35.5: ČSD Class 364.0 Class 35.7: PKP Class Ol103 Class 35.1: BBO 329, PKP Class Ol11 Class 35.4: ČSD Class 354.8 Class 35.1: BBO 429.9, ČSD Class 354.7 Class 35.8: PKP Class Ol12 British Rail Class 35, a class of British diesel locomotive Class 35.2: BBO 429, ČSD Class 354.7, PKP Class Ol12 Class 35.3: PKP Class Ol12 DRB Class 35, a class of German passenger locomotives with a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement operated by the Deutsche Reichsbahn which comprised

Резолюция Совета Безопасности ООН 35

В резолюции 35 Совета Безопасности Организации Объединенных Наций, принятой 3 октября 1947 года, Генеральному секретарю было предложено как можно,скорее созвать и согласовать график работы комитета из трех человек, предусмотренный в резолюции 31 Совета Безопасности Организации Объединенных Наций. Резолюция была принята девятью голосами "за" при воздержавшихся Польше и Советском Союзе.

Проект 35

Проект 35 - индекс двух проектов кораблей, разработанных советскими конструкторскими бюро. Эскадренные миноносцы проекта 35 - проект трёхбашенного эскадренного миноносца с универсальной зенитной артиллерией дальнего боя разработки 1939 - 1941 годов; Сторожевые корабли проекта 35 - проект сторожевого корабля II ранга разработки 1957 года, улучшенный вариант сторожевого корабля проекта 159.

Comx 35

Comx 35 - компьютер, производившийся COMX World Operations Ltd, Гонконг. Он начал продаваться в августе 1983 года. Дата прекращения производства неизвестна, но по техническим характеристикам можно судить, что этот компьютер продержался на рынке весьма недолго.


АМ-35 - советский поршневой авиационный двигатель конструкции А. А. Микулина. Основанный на АМ-34ФРН, АМ-35 начал выпускаться в 1940 году и использовался на истребителях МиГ-1 и МиГ-3 во время Второй мировой войны, так же ограниченно и на тяжёлом бомбардировщике Пе-8. Двигатель был очень близок конструктивно к АМ-38 для штурмовика Ил-2 и строился на том же заводе. Поскольку Ил-2 был наиболее требуемым для ВВС самолётом, завод № 24 был вынужден максимально наращивать выпуск АМ-38, а Микулин - уделить основное внимание его совершенствованию. АМ-35 же был формально снят с производства в конце 1941 года, хотя фактически выпускался в небольших количествах до 1944 г.

Arriflex 35

Аррифлекс 35, Arri 35 - семейство ручных хроникальных киносъёмочных аппаратов со сквозным визиром и электроприводом, предназначенных для съёмки на 35-мм киноплёнку. Первая в мире кинокамера с зеркальным обтюратором, пригодная для съёмки с рук. Выпуск начат фирмой Arri в Германии в 1937 году, и с многочисленными модернизациями продолжался до 1995 года. После войны в СССР выпускалась авиационная камера "АКС-4", скопированная с трофейного прототипа, а в США такая же копия получила название "Cineflex PH-330".


МКС-35 - тридцать пятый долговременный экипаж Международной космической станции. Его работа началась 15 марта 2013 года, 23:43 UTC с момента отстыковки Союз ТМА-06М от станции. В состав экипажа вошли три члена экипажа космического корабля Союз ТМА-07М, ранее работавшие в составе экспедиции МКС-34. Это первый экипаж, командиром которого стал гражданин Канады. 29 марта 2013 года, 2:28 UTC состав экспедиции пополнился тремя членами экипажа космического корабля Союз ТМА-08М. Завершилась экспедиция 13 мая 2013 года, 23:08 UTC в момент отстыковки корабля Союз ТМА-07М от станции.


S-35 - германский миноносец типа S-33 постройки 1887 года. S35 танк - французский средний танк 1930-х годов. S-35 - германский большой миноносец эсминец типа S-31 постройки 1914 года.



Ключ 35

Древняя идеограмма "волочить ноги" связана с изображением человека, причем дополнительная черта, пересекающая ноги и руки, обозначала "не спеша идти, волочить". Самостоятельно иероглиф не употребляется. В качестве ключевого знака иероглиф "волочить ноги" малоупотребителен. В словарях располагается под номером 35.